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5 Reasons to do an Engagement Session from a Florida Wedding Photographer

As a Florida wedding photographer, I always recommend booking an engagement session along your wedding package. Today, I wanted to go into 5 reasons this is my biggest tip to all of my couples!

Why Book An Engagement Session

My First Reason. One of the biggest things about booking an engagement session is we get to meet before your wedding. day! Most likely, we have not met yet and this is such a great way to meet each other. You are able to see who you’re working with on your wedding day and I can learn more about you.

My Second Reason. My next reason for an engagement session, is we can get comfortable with each other. You will learn my shooting style and I can see how you are with photos! For example, during this engagement session with Carlee and Ben, I learned Ben isn’t a huge fan of photos in general! This is helpful to know before their actual wedding so I can be prepared for that on their wedding day!

My Third Reason. Practice! Most of my couples, this is their first time really taking professional photos! Booking an engagement session gives you time to really see what it’s like and get comfortable in front of the camera. A bonus tip- schedule your hair and makeup trial for your engagement photos! This will show you how the makeup is pulling in the camera and if you want to change anything.

My fourth reason. An engagement session is the best way to remember this season of life you’re in.  It is another opportunity for photos together to capture you young and in love. You can also practice spinning, dips or do a fun champagne pop!

My fifth reason. Confidence. During an engagement session, we get to practice prompts and have fun with each other! It’s a nice confidence boost when you get back your photos and realize it was a fun experience and you, in fact, do not look awkward in photos!

Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Session

Carlee and Ben are wonderful to be around. We did their session in downtown Jacksonville and it was a blast! This couple is so sweet, energetic, and they love laughing. Ben isn’t the biggest fan of photos- but we made it feel like a fun date and you would never be able to tell! They were laughing and having fun the whole time. 

They wanted to do engagement session in downtown because of  the stunning architecture makes an amazing backdrop for photos. It was such a city vibe and we all loved it. Also, they are getting married in downtown Jacksonville in Basilica of The Immaculate Conception on December 16th 2023.

Ending It With A Pop!

A champagne pop is one of the best ways to end an engagement session! I always finish up sessions with one and this time it was a good one. My camera was sprayed with it, but photos turned out so emotional and fun.

Their Proposal Story

Ben proposed on December 16, 2022 in front of the Lightner Museum in St Augustine. She didn’t expect it at all and both of their families cheered them on after. And fun fact, he hid the ring in his sock so that Carlee didn’t suspect big box in his pocket. It was so funny when Ben was telling the story, what a creative guy.

Let’s Have Fun Together!

If you’re looking for a Florida wedding photographer that will have fun with you during your photos, let’s chat more! You can contact me through my website, here, and I can’t wait to meet you!

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