My name is Oxana Rox and I am a wedding photographer based in Jacksonville, Fl. My passion is using elegant, modern images to capture the beauty of what makes your love story yours. I will help you feel at ease in front of my camera so you can just be your beautiful selves and live in the moment. Leave capturing the moment to me.
If my style and approach resonate with you, I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your wedding!

Hello, lovely people! 

About ME

National Parks, local beaches, stylish cafés, luxe rooftops—I love exploring the wide world. 


 Moments of peace and beauty when the sky is drenched in color. 


Anything from chocolate croissants to ice cream: bring it on.

Anything Sweet

Keeps me disciplined and feeling balanced. 


favorite things

My photography career grew out of my love for capturing beautiful moments and experiences along my travels. But what is more beautiful than love? So, naturally, I became interested in photographing love stories! While I have a natural-born eye for composition, my full photography skillset has been developed through both extensive hands-on experience and through formal training in workshops, as well as apprenticing shoots with top talent from NYC to Miami.

Behind the Lens


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