Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

Fun Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

Aside from the photos with your soon to be husband your bridesmaids photos will be capturing some special moments with your special people. As a photographer I love capturing these moments from the laughter to the tears. These photos are filled with raw emotions that come through in each image. Which makes it really special when you go back and see these images for the first time it will allow you to relive each moment.

What I wanted to do is just share some of my favorite bridesmaids shots I have taken to give you inspiration for your own bridesmaids shots, and get you excited to have your own!

Let’s check out the top 6 bridesmaids photo ideas!

Pose 1: Group shot with all the bridesmaids smiling and looking at the camera

Fun Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

This is a classic pose that always looks great in photos. All the bridesmaids will be facing the camera and smiling, making for a lovely group shot.

Pose 2: The bride and her bridesmaids laughing together

Fun Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

It’s all about the bride on her big day, but that doesn’t mean her bridesmaids should be left out of the fun! This pose is perfect for capturing both the bride and her girls in all their glory.

The key to this pose is making sure everyone is relaxed and having a good time. Which I’m sure isn’t a difficult task for you and your girls to accomplish.

Pose 3: The bridesmaids holding up the bride’s train as she gets ready

bridesmaids photo ideas

One pose that is sure to capture the excitement of the day is having the bridesmaids hold up the bride’s train as she gets ready. This is a great opportunity to get a shot of the whole bridal party together, or just the maid of honor. This photo is always a favorite of my brides.

Pose 4: The bridesmaids holding up the bride’s train as she walks to the aisle

bridesmaids photo ideas

There are lots of fun ways to pose with your bridesmaids on your wedding day. One popular pose is to have them hold up your train as you walk to the aisle. This is a great way to get some beautiful photos of both you and your bridesmaids! Plus, it will make your entrance into the ceremony even more dramatic!

Pose 5: The bridesmaids looking on as the bride does her first full reveal with them

Fun Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

The bride stands in front of her bridesmaids, who are all gathered around her. She has a big smile on her face as she shows off her wedding dress for the first time. The bridesmaids all look happy and excited for their friend. This is a great pose for getting some candid shots of the girls together with their reactions to seeing the bride for the first time.

Pose 6: The bride and her bridesmaids sharing a toast together

 Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

The bride and her bridesmaids enjoyed a fun photo session together, sharing lots of laughs and some touching moments. The girls all looked beautiful in their matching outfits, and the bride was glowing with happiness. They shared a toast together, toasting to the happy occasion and to many more years of friendship. It was a lovely moment captured on camera, and one that the girls will always remember fondly.

Conclusion: Inspiration for your bridesmaids photos

I hope this sparked some creativity for you and excitement to do your own. The biggest tip is don’t rush these photos. Make sure you have plenty of time to get ready on your wedding day so you can fully enjoy this time with your girls. Just have fun and don’t overthink it!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer that will be able to tell the story of your wedding day through images? That is really what photos do and why we have that saying a picture is worth a thousand words. It is my focus to make sure each photo from your wedding day is adding to your love story for years to come.

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Capturing your special moments,

Oxana Rox

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