Top Wedding Poses to Capture on your Special Day

If you’re gearing up to say ‘I do’ sooner rather than later, the wedding poses you choose to capture on your special day are going to be very important.

Anyone can strike a pose for a photo, but that’s not what makes them memorable – especially in wedding photos. Captivating poses reveal the love between partners, make viewers fall in love with them all over again, and show the couple’s chemistry in each one. 

There are many different poses you can try on your wedding day. However, we, at Oxana Photography, have a strong belief that some poses are more likely to stand over others. Poses that are romantic and passionate will reflect the love and connection you share as partners.

Wedding days are fast-paced, so it’s essential that you pick a few poses in advance. Posing can make or break an image, so here are some top wedding poses to capture on your special day:

The Praying Pose

Top Wedding Poses

The praying pose is a gorgeous way to capture on your special day the romantic side of marriage. It shows a closer portrait of you and your partner, in your intimate moments with each other. Plus, this is a shot where you are showcasing the main detail of your wedding: the ring. 

The ring is a symbolic expression of the love and commitment you share with one another. You can also choose to hold hands or interlock your fingers, depending on your preference and how you want to portray this moment in time.

Kiss down the aisle

Top Wedding Poses

You have to remember that the one day of your life that will be forever etched into your memory is the day you got married. As much as you want to, you can never go back and change it. The only thing you can do is cherish every moment and experience, which includes being able to capture the romance of kissing down the aisle or on your wedding day.

It is also important that the kiss is romantic, not rushed. As a lover, you want to express your feelings through a heartfelt kiss. However, wacky kisses are always a crowd-pleaser and a memorable experience!

It’s a very simple pose to do, and it’s very easy to create a beautiful image out of it. It can be used with almost any type of wedding photography, and it looks great in any type of wedding setting.

A Shot Under the Veil or Playing with the Veil

Top Wedding Poses

The veil shot is a fun and creative way to document your wedding day. It is a great way to celebrate your choice of attire by capturing your stunning veil.

You know that moment when you’re looking into the eyes of your partner and all you want is to feel connected? When you want to say something important, but it’s just hard to find the words? That’s what this shot is all about.

It’s a pose perfect for capturing all the emotion and excitement of your big day!

The Look-Back

Looking back at the camera is a great way to tell a story. It’s like a snapshot of your day, and it can’t be beaten for capturing all the emotions that come with being in front of the lens.

Taking a look back image allows the bride and groom to show off their wedding outfits, particularly the train of the bride’s dress. And, it’s possible to obtain a great photo of the dress’s complex features through this shot.

Having an open back on the bride’s wedding gown is ideal for conveying a sense of grace and beauty in the photograph.


Top Wedding Pose

The most romantic pose is the forehead-to-forehead pose. It’s a simple but powerful way to capture the essence of love and intimacy the same as you see it in your day-to-day life, which became the foundation of your strong relationship.

When you’re doing this pose, you can nearly feel your partner’s heartbeat. You’re in a state of profound intimacy by simply looking at the other person or simply feeling their breath.

When two people who care deeply about each other contact their foreheads, they are able to make this pose effortlessly possible; it is surely a unique way to express feelings of love and devotion!

The Walking Moment

Top Wedding Pose

The walking moment is a pose that can help you achieve a connection like you are the only ones in the world. Walking together is a classic pose for couples, but it’s also a great way to get your photos taken quickly and easily—and to show off your love for each other.

You can’t help but feel a connection when you are walking together. The way the wind brushes against your faces, the way your arms look like they’re floating around each other, and the way your feet move in sync with each other would be so captivating. It’s a natural phenomenon that happens every day for people who know each other well enough to walk together without having to think about it.

You’ll be walking together at a slow, deliberate pace, acknowledging each other with your eyes and taking in your surroundings. When you’re done, you’ll have pictures that show how much chemistry you have and how beautiful your wedding venue is.

Final Thoughts

Romantic wedding poses are all about making a connection with your partner, and it’s not just the physical look that counts. It’s the emotional look—the way your eyes meet, the way your hands find each other, and the way you both feel like you’ve reconnected after a long absence.

Through these top wedding poses, Oxana Photography wanted to capture a love story in all of its beauty and wanted to do it in the most romantic way possible.

And that’s why we love having the opportunity to work on weddings! We want our clients to feel like their wedding day is unique and one-of-a-kind, just as they are. And we’re always excited when we can help tell these stories through our lens.

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Capturing your special moments,

Oxana Rox

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